Also the Beginnings

I tend to be a sentimental person, inclined to feel a sting of loss with every significant change.  For example, on the last day of grade school I recall looking around the classroom, aware that this was the last time I’d be in that building as a student, with my classmates and teachers.  And though it was a joyous day of festivities, for a few moments I felt the heaviness that comes with the awareness that it will never be this way again.

Last week my children had their own graduations.  I had to catch my breath a time or two as I realized they will never be these tender ages again. Chapters have closed and there is no going back to relive them.

Then there is the heaviest transition I’ve ever known, my mother’s departure from earth. Standing at her deathbed I met a powerlessness I’d never known.  There was no choice but to face the crushing reality of change.  And yet… 

I got a glimpse of heaven’s joy when she smiled as she passed.  In some ways, we’ve never been closer.  

I went on to love high school.  My kids are entering new, exciting phases themselves.  

All of this to say, we can honor the grief of the moment or season, but let us be sure not to stay there too long.  Something new and beautiful emerges out of change and loss.  If we’re not careful we could miss it. 

Certainly be present to the endings as they come, and also the beginnings.

May you be inspired!

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