Presentations & Talks: 

Tammy has had the privilege of giving presentations and talks in a variety of venues.  Examples of topics Tammy has prepared include "The Value of Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue," "Discerning One’s Call," and "Spiritual Growth through Dream Work," among others. 

For booking inquiries, please contact Tammy directly at 


In addition to presenting through her sole proprietorship, Tammy presents for the the Tau Center.  Some of that work is featured below on this page.  You can also visit their website to see many wonderful resources for your spirituality!

The Tau Center offers diverse experiences where individuals can nourish their spirit.

"You Know the Way"

This Tau Center video (less than 5 minutes)  features Tammy's original song "You Know the Way," that was recorded with The Lwanda Gospel and Compassionate Team of Kenya, Africa.  Use the Companion Handout to enhance this reflection experience.

Be Your Creator's Creation

Enjoy this Reflection by Tammy alongside her original song "Gently," put together by the Tau Center.


Enjoy this video (3.5 minutes)  featuring Tammy's original tune, "Ashes."  Though offered by the Tau Center on Ash Wednesday, the song is for anytime one needs restoration and hope.  Click on the Companion Handout to deepen your reflection.